Self Serve Stations are OPEN:
Please call to make an appointment to reserve your spot.

* COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 continues, Texas has implemented new rules and regulations for businesses regarding face masks and social distancing practices. Our customer and employee safety come first, so we’re taking the following measures for our businesses operations:

🐾  All customers must remain outside and call us to let us know they’re here. There are signs outside of our business in the parking lot that will have our phone number listed.

🐾  Although we will come out to pick up your pet, our employees will be wearing masks and if your dog requires additional assistance, we ask that you wear a mask as well for preventative measures. Additionally, we will secure each pet with two nylon leashes to ensure a safe transition from the car to the facility.

We’ll be continuing to monitor the CDC and state regulations and will adjust our processes as needed.

Please feel free to message us on Facebook or call us at (817) 420-9299.

We’re all in this together! 🐶 💕


As an over the road truck driver, timing and making appointments is almost impossible.

I have been using the same groomer for almost 6 years. And I absolutely love her. She will fit me when she can, but she stays booked a whole year in advance and just can’t sometimes. For this reason, I had a back up groomer. Which did a fine job as well. But this last time I wasn’t able to get into either. I reached out to this place, almost out of desperation. After I explained my situation. The girl who answered the phone told me they were pretty booked too. But to just bring him up there, and they would make it happen one way or another.

When I got there were extremely polite and professional. Told me again, that they would make it happen and I would get a text when he was ready. I asked how much it was going to be, she gave me the price. Which was a little cheaper than I’ve been paying. I always get everything done, from nose to tail. So I made sure this included everything. And it did. To my amazement, they got everything done and sent me a text within just a few hours.

When you come into this place, they aren’t just groomers. You can tell these ladies care about their jobs. As well, the love toward the animals. I didn’t feel the least bit hesitant about leaving mine there at all. And now checking out their FB it’s obvious, it’s more than just grooming to them.

When I arrived to pick up my dog. Not only was the quoted price accurate, but he looked amazing. It is blatantly obvious they know how to cut a Pomeranian. And as much as I love the groomer that I’ve been using for almost 6 years. He has never looked this good.

When I paid my bill, I left them a 30 dollar tip. I just felt like they don’t charge enough for their services, the fact that they went above and beyond to have him done for me, and of course that he was done perfect.

As much as it pains me to say this, as I do absolutely love the groomer with whom I’ve been using for almost 6 years. I think I just found my first go to from here on.

Keep up the great work.

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